Slick Write

This handy web app helps writers communicate more effectively by checking their writing for dozens of kinds of stylistic features and potential problems. It aims to improve the quality of the work fed into it, but also to educate its users on the elements of good writing.


A handy, open source PHP debugging tool that's great for seeing what your objects are made of.

Log Hog

An open source, realtime log monitoring application intended for finding and squashing bugs in a development environment.

HHVM Newrelic Extension

I'm a minor contributor to the unofficial Newrelic extension for HHVM.

Quick fix for HHVM memory leak

HHVM leaks memory like a sieve. Here's an easy way to mitigate the problem.

Level Up

This is a simple tool for keeping track of stats and scores in games with your mobile device. It was created with Munchkin in mind, but it's flexible enough to work for almost any game or sport. The cards are sized so that 10 Munchkin players will fit on my Nexus 10's screen at a time. Your mileage may vary if you use it on another device.

Mobile users can install Level Up as a web app, which is the recommended way to use it. If you're using Chrome, tap the icon next to the URL bar (it has three dots), and then tap "Add to homescreen." The process will differ slightly if you use another browser.

Memory games

A collection of Javascript games based to varying degrees on tests used in studies on working memory. The jury is still out on whether or not fluid intelligence can be improved through training, but these little games are sort of fun.


Sometimes I make printable things with OpenSCAD.

Bin packing service demo

The bin packing service was created to solve a major problem that e-commerce sites suffer from: inaccurate shipping. This service uses artificial intelligence and 3D simulations to quickly estimate the dimensions of the boxes that will be needed to ship an order, and their weights. Tested with actual shipping data, the API provides far more accurate results than traditional techniques, at a speed that won't inconvenience customers. Since the page linked to above is just a test harness, it looks a little rough around the edges, but it works.


This was an attempt at a browser-based MUD. It has an interactive world with player to player communication, but was never finished due to a lack of outside interest in that game genre. I've disabled this one to reduce server load, but a link can be provided upon request.

Miscellaneous sites

Here is a small selection of sites that I've worked on.